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Weekly Photo Challenge: ( Reflections )

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge set by Jared Bramblett /
just grabbed the nearest camera to hand, fuji xp50 and took the first reflection I came across. Its a boat wreck at Rosses Point, Sligo, Ireland. Its as taken no p/s or correction – because the sky and the day really is that grey and it catches the gloom rather well.


This is where I marvel at the quirks – rejoice in the everyday scenes, the chance sightings.

I use my camera anytime whether its day or night, because where I go, my camera goes too. When I was 9 years old I took my first shot with my Dad’s Kodak Instamatic. Faster than a Kodak moment, I was hooked. This blog is about the spontaneous, the quickly taken, no thought, no plan shots and the cameras’ I use to capture them.

This is where I want to focus on the foibled and quirky stuff. The kind of thing that is removed from the sterile technical pursuit that I also do elsewhere. So you won’t find me writing here about the costly fantastic, slick equipment or those expensive fancy zooms that I own or the desirable objects that I attach them to.

Some of this might even be on film. Who knows..

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